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We integrate technologies and design wireless solutions for industrial applications. We produce with the utmost attention to product quality and continuous improvement.

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If you want to test the IoT+ Platform potentiality, please check the live Demo Application we realized with our technology partner Thingsquare . Enjoy it!

IoT+ DEMO @electronica

1- Easy Activation
The X.ip5 Smart Machine® is connected to the Network (green Led OFF).
The APP counter shows the elapsed time since the last communication between the device and the APP.

Push the Button: the device disconnects and the Counter continues to count.
When the Button is released the device researches the Network (green Led blinks) the led turns to OFF once found and the App Counter shall be reset to zero.


2- Monitoring
Brightness Data element captured by the sensor shall be updated and displayed in the APP every 5 seconds.
All monitoring data are recorded and will always be available on your smartphone/tablet.


3- Multitasking Ability:
Manages lamp turn-ON / Turn-OFF and dimmers the LED Panel Through the APP.
Just a single SmartMachine® can perform several tasks simoultaneously. 


4- Zones Managing
Each LED panel in front of you represent a zone (Zone A - Zone B - Zone C).
You can control, manage, dimmer the brightness of multiple zones simultaneously or individually.


5- Remote Control
On the TV screen in our booth a live shot via mini webcam from Telecontrolli headquarter in Naples.
Here in Munich you can control, monitor and manage devices in Naples simply through tablet /smartphone/ internet.



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