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We integrate technologies and design wireless solutions for industrial applications. We produce with the utmost attention to product quality and continuous improvement.

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Hybrid circuits ProcessWe specialize in the design and manufacture of hybrid circuits for all electronic sectors as IoT applications, Electromedicals, Industrial and Building Automation, Security, Remote Control, Automotive. But let's find out what that's all about.

 The hybrid circuit on thick film consists in the deposition of resistors, conductors and dielectrics in the form of inks on a substrate of ceramic material.

 These inks obtained mainly from mixes of noble metals (silver, gold, palladium, platinum in various combinations of blends and alloys) are dried in successive phases at temperatures ranging from 600ºC to 850ºC and made passive elements of the hybrid microcircuit: resistors, capacities, inductances, conductive tracks, pitches components, etc. To complete the circuit other passive and active elements are applied by welding.

You can get a functional adjustment of the module upon request in order to define and set specific variables and electric functions of the hybrid circuit.

The interconnection plans may be in double face and / or in multi-layer section (including through metallic holes or not). The resistors on thick film can cover any Ohm value thanks to a computerized laser calibration system. It is possible to get calibration of the resistors "at the relationship." Hybrid circuits can mount discrete components and microencapsulated SMD. The SMD components are placed with automated pick & place assembly systems and fastened by reflow soldering.

The possible configurations of the module’s pin-outs may be multiple (from Single-In-Line package to Dual-In-Line package to standard pitch or custom) as well as the finish (per day, with glass cover, resin, plastic or metal container, etc.).

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Thanks to the active and passive laser trimming, you can get very tight tolerances of passive components and extremely repeatable characteristics of each module of a production.

The hybrid microcircuits are tested unitarily as a single component from which results a much greater reliability than with an equivalent circuit realized by assembling many discrete elements. In addition, many solder joints are eliminated thanks to the passive elements deposited on the substrate; result: the module works at lower temperatures with a considerable rise in the average life time.

The dimensions of PCB circuits with through holes or in mixed SMD technology can be reduced using hybrid technology.

The thick film on ceramic substrate has high thermal conductivity properties and thus dissipation, making possible high circuit densities without affecting the reliability and the cooling of the apparatus that contains it. It exceeds traditional PCB by approximately 0.5 Watt per cm2 by increments of 100ºC, making them ideal for use in power electronics applications.

Substrates of ceramic material have a higher breakdown voltage that can’t compare to FR4 printed circuits, which makes them ideal for applications requiring high voltages.

Hybrid circuits put much more under cover the designer from possible copies compared to traditional circuits: your technology and your investments are better protected.

Therefore integrating Hybrid Technology in your traditional electronic boards, you can greatly improve performance and quality.

Telecontrolli contributes to the design and implementation of hybrid circuits: our engineers and sales managers can help you with a technical and economic feasibility study and they are at your service to guarantee maximum support for the realization of your projects.

Please contact our sales department for information about an Hybrid Technology solution for your project, send an e-mail to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


About Telecontrolli

We integrate technologies and design wireless solutions for industrial applications.
We produce with the utmost attention to product quality and continuous improvement.


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