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We integrate technologies and design wireless solutions for industrial applications. We produce with the utmost attention to product quality and continuous improvement.

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IoT+ Platform.
The new Internet of Things is born.

  • 6lowpan
  • Low-Consumption
  • Scalability
  • Flexibility
  • 100% customizable
  • SmartMachine®
  • x.ip family

IoT+ is the hardware development platform for IoT-based applications.

It’s a unique and powerful tool for developers interested in 6LoWPAN standard protocol and IPv6fixed address for the IoT.

IoT+Platform is a general purpose solution designed to support a wide variety of products and services and reduce the time-to-market for IoT applications of third-party: it’s a very versatile solution suitable for different architectures and existing devices.

If you want to test the IoT+ Platform potentiality, please check the Demo Application we realized with our technology partner Thingsquareduring the show electronica 2016 in Munich 8-11 November.


IoT+ Platform Hardware:

IoTplus Platform Hardware


X.ip Family:
X.ip is a small size, low-power, sub 1Ghz band transceivers family with standard IP protocol and a new low-power standard (6Lowpan).

X.ip1 and X.ip2 modules:
RF transceivers with very low power consumption and an easy radio setting configuration (X.ip2) and represent the upgraded and high-performance version of Telecontrolli core products.

X.ip4 smart module and X.ip5 SmartMachine®:
6LowPAN devices: very high-performance, low power, IP-driven nodes and large mesh network support make these innovative smart modules the perfect solution for the Internet of Things applications.
X.ip5 SmartMachine® is a device with integrated antenna on board and that it can be also supplied with battery (coin cell battery).

 X.ip 5 X.ip4


H.ip gateway:
Sub1 GHz, 2.4GHz & Ethernet gateway which provides secure remote access to wireless devices and can connect hundreds of devices. All communication to the server is end-to-end encrypted with full TLS, and the wireless traffic is encrypted with AES-128.


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Early Bird order guarantees special price and specialized tech support.

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